Mass Effect: Assignment (Interactive Fan Film) Part 2 – Renegade/Paragon choice

** Please note this is a true zero budget fan film, created by fans using extremely limited resources (ie we don’t don’t work in Hollywood, yet!) we did this purely out of the love of Mass Effect & hope you enjoy it!** ** Make sure annotations are turned on – Mobile users may need to use the links below to continue the story** Click here to watch from the start: This is an interactive video story, at the end of this video you will be given a choice of Paragon or Renegade. There are 4 different endings in total so let us know what your favourite one is! Met Defoe, he’s a “Transport specialist” only this time he’s got two pissed off N7′s tracking him down and no idea why. Mass Effect Assignment is a pure fan film created by Sneaky Zebra – We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped us on this video: B Camera Operator by Rob Dunlop – http:/ VFX & CGI by Breachgate – Original music by Marc Pingel Environment Artist by Evan Guzman – Starring (In order of appearance) Mark Joseph as Defoe Nicholas Sisouphone as Meer Anais “Ragemore” Roberts as Hale Zara Symes as The Asari A huge shout out to all our Merc’s also – every day I’m mercin’ them. Follow us on Twitter – Chat with us on Facebook – Shot on a Sony EX-3, Canon 5D and Canon 7D. Edited in AVID.

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